Bundeswehr pack v1.1 08.11.15, 25.12.15

Bundeswehr pack v1.1 для Spintires 08.11.15, 25.12.15
yarik_12345 1559 13 3.8/5

Моды SpinTires 2015

Что изменилось в V 1.1:
Небольшой пак
Из них:
3 мана кат:
3 армейских(4х4,6х6,8х8).
2 мерседеса:
1600 unimog (6х6),
GD450 wolf.
Убраны ман кат спорт и Faun 912-21.
Автор я сам,то есть yarik_12345.
Есть свои аддоны+дефолт.
Свои звуки!
Свои колеса!

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Дополнительные фото:
Мод Bundeswehr pack v1.1 для Spintires
Мод Bundeswehr pack v1.1 для Spintires
Мод Bundeswehr pack v1.1 для Spintires
Мод Bundeswehr pack v1.1 для Spintires

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Оцените данный мод: 3.8 / 5

Rade • 03:00, 2016-02-08
Great mod yarik_12345, I really like the models for the wolf and unimog.

Is there any chance you could make modified version of the man8x8_cart attachment, so that it could be used on the maz 7310.

I’ve already added it to the game myself. But in order for it to look good on the maz, the model of the attachment needs to be rescaled so that it is about 20% shorter and about 15% wider.

Here is how it looks right now, front part of the attachment is clipped inside of the maz chassis. Also I've changed the texture to match the color of the maz.

Sorry about the English but I don't speak Russian that well,alto I can understand most of it.
Rade • 16:32, 2016-02-08

That's exactly what I asked for.

One thing I've noticed is that the ramp can deform the terrain, which is interesting because I've tried several other mods that have bulldozer attachments for trucks and none of them could deform the terrain.

Thanks again for making this it will be very useful.
yarik_12345 • 16:57, 2016-02-08
Ok,now i fix it.Maybe you have more ideas about maz's addons?
Rade • 18:42, 2016-02-08
There is really no need to fix it because you can only notice it if you reverse with the ramp down, it's more realistic this way.

As for the MAZ, in my game I've added the medium logs trailer, long logs semitrailer and wheels  from few other mods. Alto the semi trailer doesn't work so well because it is lower than the MAZ and therefore very difficult to attach to to the truck or to load it with logs. But I usually use that semitrailer with smaller trucks so that's not a problem.

For the new addons maybe something like these road rollers:

Roller would be attached either as a trailer and towed behind the truck, or the roller could be attached the arm that would be on the back of the truck. You could lower the arm to use the roller.

You could use the roller to flatten the terrain in the  the muddy areas so that the smaller trucks don't have to drive trough the mud. Only thing is I'm not really sure how well this would work in game.

Another thing that would be nice is a large semitrailer for the long logs. That could be only used by the MAZ 7310 and maybe by the MAZ 535 and. It would allow you to transport 8 points of lumber. It should be similar to the semi trailer in my screenshot, only bigger and it would use the big wheels from the MAZ instead of the regular wheels used on the other trailers.
Анонимно • 21:42, 2016-02-08

Rade • 22:56, 2016-02-08
That was fast, looks pretty good.

Did you try to drive another truck through the area you cleared with the roller, to see if it there is any difference compared to the mud.
Анонимно • 17:18, 2016-02-08
Very strange that,terrain don't deform.When I go with this addon at reverse, terain are deform.
Rade • 18:03, 2016-02-08
It does deform but not allot, you have to drive backward and forward few more times to really notice the terrain deformation.
yarik_12345 • 18:34, 2016-02-11
No, unfortunately the truck speed is reduced, and it becomes slower and deeper digs into the mud.
Rade • 22:27, 2016-02-11
Thanks for trying.

I guess it's just something the game engine wasn't designed for. Game developer probably couldn't expect that someone would make a roller mod, and then try to use it to make a road in the muddy areas on the map.
yarik_12345 • 16:08, 2016-02-07
Хотя странно, когда заливал на сайт ссылку писал
plou21 • 16:28, 2016-02-07
plou21 • 14:44, 2016-02-07
А где ссылка на скачиванеи
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